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20 Ultimate Extreme Adventures (and where to try them)…

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Want to Take Your Adventure Streak to the Most Stunning Destinations? Read on…

So you call yourself an adrenaline junkie? Is your idea of fun jumping off a tall bridge attached to a rope, hurtling down a hill in a huge transparent plastic ball or launching yourself out of a hovering helicopter to ski down an otherwise inaccessible ski slope? Then congratulations! You tick the boxes as an adrenaline junkie.

Knowing that you’re up for anything, from bungy jumping to extreme ironing (are you serious???), we have Part 1 of a 4 part series on the most adrenaline-packed activities to tick off your bucket list – the bonus is, all are located in the most stunning destinations…

1.  Boulderingrock-climbing-403492_640 (2)

The gist:  if you want to go even more extreme than mere rock climbing, bouldering is the newest craze. Bouldering is climbing without safety equipment.  (Don’t tell OSH (Occupational Safety & Health))!

Where to try it: although bouldering centres can be found everywhere from North America to Germany and beyond, try outdoor bouldering – Rocklands in South Africa (part of the Cederberg mountains 250km north of Cape Town) and Bishop area in California.

(Photo: Pixabay)

2. Bungy Jumping

The gist: diving off a ledge attached to a safety cord.  Originally inspired by the land divers of Vanuatu, this was later popularised in New Zealand by AJ Hackett.

Where to try it: the original and very scenic Kawarau Bridge Bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand (43m), Victoria Falls Bungy in Zambia (111m) – also very scenic. If your aim is jumping off the world’s highest, then try the Hackett owned Macau Tower (1 hour from Hong Kong by ferry) – a long drop of 233m.

bridge-664131_640 (2)

(Photo:  Pixabay)

3.  Canyoning

The gist: also known as river trekking and canyoneering, participants traverse scenic canyons on a mountain, with flowing water, using various techniques – abseiling, swimming, walking and jumping, among a few.

Where to try it:  take your pick of scenic locations in Germany, France, Ecuador, Colombia and Norway.


(Photo: Pixabay)

4.  Cheese rolling

The gist:  participants in this old English tradition, charge down a steep hill chasing after a round cheese.  This injury-prone sport originated in Gloucester, England in the 15th century.

Where to try it:  the world’s largest Cheese Rolling competition is held at Gloucester’s annual Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling. Not to be outdone, other countries hold their own annual cheese rolling events, including Canada.


(Photo: The Telegraph)

5.  Coasteering

The gist:  it is a mix of cliff-jumping, rock-hopping, swell-riding and shore-scrambling.  Participants traverse rocky coastlines of the intertidal zone by foot or swimming, without using any watercraft.

Where to try it: anywhere that has a suitably rocky coast.  Try the beautiful Welsh coast where coasteering was pioneered.


(Photo: Exmoor Adventures)

 Watch out for Part 2 of the 20 Ultimate Extreme Adventures, to follow…

Thanks to our friends at Lonely Planet for these adventure bucket list ideas

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