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20 Ultimate Extreme Adventures (and Stunning Locations to try them)…

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Part 2 of the World’s Unmissable Extreme Adventures…

We previously revealed to you the first five of the World’s 20 Ultimate Extreme Adventures and the gorgeous locations in which you can actively participate in them.  You can view the first five here…

Today, we bring you the next five awesomely adventurous and sometimes absolutely crazy adventure ideas that you may be inspired to give a go. Extreme Ironing (yes, you heard that correctly) is our personal favourite from this list. It is a combination of the thrill of an extreme adventure with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt. Love it! See more of that craziness below and in footage here

6.  Downhill Mountain Biking

The gist: a genre of mountain biking featuring steep rough terrain, that often includes jumps, drops, rock gardens and other obstacles.

Where to try it: biking down Bolivia’s “Death Road” is one of the most extreme and beautifully scenic routes. Another idea, for taking the more extreme route, are the mountains in Austria. View some unbelievable mountain biking here. If you are looking for a more safer track, try Whistler Bike Park in Canada, where the winter ski runs turn into summer biking tracks.

Mountain biking-175220_1280 Pixabay

7.  Extreme Ironing

The gist: a love of ironing (yeah right!) and the thrill of an extreme sport combined.  A performance art where ironing boards are taken to remote locations and clothes are ironed.

Where to try it:  the world is your oyster here… From being perched (with your board) on a mountain peak, to under the ocean, and everywhere in between. View some more precarious locations and see them in action…

Extreme Ironing (Tumblr)

(Image: Tumblr)

8.  Flowboarding

The gist: an alternative boardsport which incorporates elements of surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding and bodyboarding. Participants ride artificial waves, or “sheet waves” as they are technically referred.

Where to try it: ‘flowhouses’ now operate around the world – centres in Bangkok, New Jersey and Yorkshire (England) are just some to try.

Flowboarding (


9.  Freshwater Cave Diving

The gist: ocean scuba diving not extreme enough for you?  Try the next level…  underwater diving in caves.

Where to try it: the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico has the drawcards of lush jungle and crystal clear turquoise pools.  It also has the world’s largest sinkhole concentration.  Perfect for cave diving.

Cave Diving (


10. Heli-skiing or Boarding

The gist: reaching extreme and remote mountain locations by helicopter and skiing untouched terrain.

Where to try it: heli-skiing is popular in North America, New Zealand and Alaska’s Chugach Mountains. Although it is now widely banned in Europe.

Skier leaping from helicopter. Image by Leo Mason / The Image Bank / Getty Images.

(Image: Leo Mason / The Image Bank / Getty Images)

 Thanks to our friends at Lonely Planet for these adventure bucket list ideas

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